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What happened ..??


Below is the memory dump of Donny's system. He's not happy with what's going on it :(.
Find What's happened ?
SHA256: 3E4FF07DA0D18E0387D0A6E8A0FA936974A652EB30D1FB3A4E61CA391E731944

Hint: Use Volatility or Rekall Memory Forensics Framework

Solutions: Coming Soon !! :)

CVE-2017-11882 technical analysis


This post explains how to analyse an office RTF document to identify CVE-2017-11882 vulnerability.

Microsoft Equation Editor is a Microsoft Office component, contains a stack buffer overflow vulnerability that enables remote code execution on a vulnerable system. The component was compiled on November 9, 2000, over 17 years ago. Without any further recompilation, it was used in all currently upported versions of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Equation Editor is an out-of-process COM server that is hosted by eqnedt32.exe, meaning it runs as it’s own process and can accept commands from other processes.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) should protect against such attacks. However, because of the manner in which eqnedt32.exe was linked, it will not use these features, subsequently allowing code execution. Being an out-of-process COM server, protections specific to Microsoft Office such as EMET and Windows Defender Exploit Guard are …