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Extracting ZeroAccess from NTFS Extended Attributes using PowerForensics

Introduction  This post explains how to use PowerForensics ( ) to extract ZeroAccess infected system's NTFS extended attributes content. ZeroAccess used NTFS extended attributes to maintain persistent mechanism on infected system. "If installed on Windows Vista or higher ZeroAccess will attempt to patch the Windows file services.exe. A subroutine inside services.exe is overwritten with shellcode that is carried inside the ZeroAccess dropper. A large amount of binary data is also written to the NTFS Extended Attributes of services.exe. Extended Attributes are a feature of NTFS similar in nature to Alternate Data Streams where extra information about the file can be stored on the file system. ZeroAccess uses this feature to hide a whole PE file as well as shellcode that loads the PE file. The overwritten subroutine in services.exe reads in all the data from the Extended Attributes and executes it. The shellcode then loads and e